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Sports Flooring


A very unique kind of rubber or synthetic component is used in the making for sports flooring. This floor need not only be at par in design and finish but also be functional in helping the athletes or sportspersons get a firm grip on the ground. WEONE General Contracting is a leader in offering economical sports flooring services in Saudi Arabia that are tailor-made to suit the custom requirements of the clients. The sports flooring that we install is not just tough and hard to wear off but it also depicts the highest quality of shock absorption to allow safe and secure indulgence in sports on the ground. They are made to have balance with the coefficient of friction and need very little maintenance. Our experts pay a visit to the sports ground or complex where the flooring is to be installed and devise a custom plan. Our custom floor options are not limited to customizable sizing according to the floor plan. We also provide PU mixed synthetic floor options in different colors as per the client's demand. As a socially responsible organization, we ensure that the flooring is made from environmentally-safe material and does not require rigorous cleaning. To get visually impressive sports flooring service in Saudi Arabia, give us a call anytime.