Crane Refurbishment

Service Code:44444


EOT Cranes in Saudi Arabia are an integral part of various industrial operations. They are built in a way that they display the qualities of long life and durability. These electric overhead travelling cranes are constructed using premium grade metal to ensure that even continuous application every day does not wear or tear them. However, there are many cases when the cranes either wear off or need some type of update to be in sync with the changing requirements of the company and its operations.

The crane refurbishment services that WEONE General Contracting, a leading name among Lifting Solution companies, offer promise to ensure your crane is able to live up to the operational needs of your company. This process involves analysis and examination of the existing lifting system and the creation of a plan to update it as per the requirements. Our refurbishment team performs all the tasks require to make your crane as good as new. Right from providing a basic update to its parts and equipment and replacing any defective parts.

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